Our mission

Our main mission is to make high-end products accessible for a sustainable and responsible fashion. To achieve this, we select the highest quality materials from European tanneries (Spain, Italy and Portugal), all of which are LWG (Leather Working Group – Gold Member) certified, thus guaranteeing compliance with European social and environmental standards while limiting the distances traveled.

Our values

Attention to detail, innovation, respect for people and the environment, and customer satisfaction are the roadmap that will lead us to our ultimate goal, which (let’s not forget it) is to be an indispensable part of the men’s wardrobe. #olamarparis

Our vision

Our objective is to be a «must-have» of the men’s wardrobe; in accordance with each personality and the different clothing styles of the man of today. So, if you are rather «Streetstyle», «Casual» or «Preppy BCBG»; Olamar will offer you its high quality and comfortable shoes without ruining you!

Our commitments

We only work with European suppliers who are Gold Members of the LWG (Leather Working Group) certification. Our leathers come mainly from Italy and Spain and are treated in our factory in Portugal where the tanning process is one of the most important steps of the production. We also use recycled rubber for our soles and no plastic is used in our packaging. All our packaging (boxes, bags, wrapping paper…) are made of recycled and FSC certified kraft paper and our small shoe bags are made of organic cotton fabric for a sustainable and responsible fashion. In order to reduce the environmental impact of the transport of our products, we have opted for the delivery by truck from Portugal and for our customers, ecological delivery from the Post office (bicycle, electric car/scooter…)